PM X3 ELITE Negative Cut

$ 85.00


Negative glove seams are stitched from the inside as opposed to the outside like a flat palm glove. This creates a tighter fit around the fingers and also helps to prevent the glove from twisting. It gives the Goalkeeper a feeling of stability and a better feel for the ball.


Each finger has a removable spine that can be cut and adjusted for comfort. Segmented spines bend forwards (but not backwards) to help prevent finger hyper-extension.


PM-Goalkeeper gloves are made from the highest quality 4mm German CONTACT latex foam. This type of latex Is durable and very sticky to help improve your catching ability. The glove also has a rub pad to improve your gloves life span on turf surfaces.


Double wrap elasticated strap for extra wrist support and tight feel.


3D Embossed backhand with 4-PRO Flex channels for increased flexibility, feel and movement. 4mm latex punch zone for better performance and protection.

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