Nike Chelsea 2018 Windrunner Jacket

$ 125.00

The jacket is made from a durable ripstop polyester material, which gives good protection from howling wind and pouring rain. In addition there are mesh panels on the back and the hood, which increases breathability and airflow, so you can get rid of excess heat easier. In addition the windrunner is equipped with a full zip, which can be pulled all the way above the chin.

With zippable pockets on the side, so you can carry your personal belongings with you.

On the chest you see the iconic team logo, so you proudly can show who you support!

The windrunner has been a big part of Nike apparel, ever since its introduction in 1978, where Nike were still only famous for their footwear mainly. Today this very popular model is acknowledged as the ultimate jacket, while still maintaining the original values.

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